Contador bares teeth to beat evans again

Contador bares teeth to beat evans again

As you can see below, Se우리카지노rgio looks good but he’s far from the last rider to suffer a nasty spill on stage 14 of this year’s Giro d’Italia.

His crash at the end of the stage in Sp우리카지노ain was extremely frustrating for the Swiss, who had no other options but to take a rest and leave Giro d’Italia. The Italian won only one race this year with a broken finger on the stage where he lost.

But if you want to see how close Sergio gets with his team, look no further than what he posted.

The Spaniard posted a photo of him lying in the paddock following the incident with the message: “Giro d’Italia, where’s my body?”

At this point in the year, Sergio should have been racing as planned by a team that had him, and the Vuelta as usual. Instead, the Italian rider seems to be suffering badly. After a win and two fourth places, we can only assume that he’ll be forced to retire from the race at some point soon.

The Italian’s poor form could also be related to the fact that he’s riding so often. Last year, he won his last four Giro d’Italia stages, despite the pressure, and he’ll be hoping to get the benefit of the doubt from tnatyasastra.comhis time. But he’ll be going into the race fresh from the crash in Spain and there’s a good chance that he’ll make some bad luck disappear in the end.