Labor mp confident of greens support

Labor mp confident of greens support

Cumming says she has the confidence of both the Greens and the crossbench and believes there are good reasons for people to support it.

She says: “I think we’ve got to have a balanced system of taxes and I think the Greens have good reasons as well.”

Mr Joyce said his stance on tax was a matter for both the centre-left and the right.

“The centre left and right parties have not got a united front for tax in this country,” he said.

“There are areas where we should give more money, and areas where there is an imbalance in tax to help people, and we should look at it in a balanced way.”

The Government does not support the idea of imposing new taxes on households and businesses, saying the current system is working.

But Mr Joyce said there were areas where the curr더킹카지노ent system could be improved.

“You need to ensure that the amount of taxation is fair and that people have the resources that they need to spen바카라d, including the resou우리카지노rces that they don’t have already,” he said.

Mr Joyce said the budget also addressed the need to ensure the Government was not trying to take any more out of people’s pocket.

He said that for each extra day they were without pay, they would end up spending $20 a week – meaning a $8,000 bill each week.

But he said, in many cases, there were savings in terms of working time and reduced cost of living because people would put that money into investment or savings.

“As you look at the budget, I think there’s significant, significant tax cuts that will be delivered to ensure that there is a strong budget policy.”

Mr Joyce said he believed the Government had not yet received the numbers from businesses and they would decide on the fiscal measures they wanted to announce after that.

He said the Government was still in early stages of this.

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